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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
adding support for writing m2ts bluray container 2011-02-13 Herr Sven Alisch BSc. New
mov tkhd' width and height usage 2011-02-13 Maksym Veremeyenko New
[RFC] Cleanup obsoleted libavfilter notes 2011-02-13 Stefano Sabatini New
[RFC] Are those workarounds really needed? 2011-02-13 Luca Barbato New
[2/2] mmst: don't look for a hr field in ping messages 2011-02-12 Francesco Cosoleto New
[2/2] make image2 muxer/demuxer support sequence of individual rawvideo files 2011-02-12 Peter Ross New
[1/2] img2: do not use CODEC_ID_RAWVIDEO to trigger processing of independant y/u/v image files 2011-02-12 Peter Ross New
Detect CFR/VFR in libx264.c for proper i_fps_* 2011-02-11 Rudolf Polzer New
Add detail to the documentation for ffmpeg -map. 2011-02-11 Mike Scheutzow New
Fix compilation on clang 2.8, which doesn't support 3dnow inline asm. 2011-02-11 Ronald Bultje New
[2/2] Reindent 2011-02-11 Martin Storsjö New
[1/2] rtsp: Don't use AVStream->priv_data for mapping RTSPStreams to AVStreams 2011-02-11 Martin Storsjö New
ASF-in-Realmedia-RTSP parser. 2011-02-11 Ronald Bultje New
rockplayer patches to ffmpeg 2011-02-10 Vladimir Pantelic New
movenc.c: Allow playable under QuickTime Player 2011-02-10 Benjamin Larsson New
document and make av_set_systematic_pal public 2011-02-09 Reinhard Tartler New
Merge libavcore into libavutil 2011-02-09 Reinhard Tartler New
Implement guessed_pts in avcodec_decode_video2. 2011-02-07 Nicolas George New
Move rl_rvlc_intra and rl_rvlc_inter to mpeg4videodec.c. 2011-02-06 Diego Elio Pettenò New
lavf: accept time base from untrusted codecs if it matches timings 2011-02-06 Anssi Hannula New
movenc.c: Allow playable under QuickTime Player 2011-02-05 Takashi Mochizuki New
[2/2] Add sample_aspect_ratio fields to vsrc_buffer arguments. This fixes aspect handling in ffmpeg This is based on a patch by baptiste 2011-02-05 Stefano Sabatini New
Make av_set_pts_info keep previous time base if new one is invalid. 2011-02-05 Reimar Döffinger New
swscale: Be more careful about changing pointer types. 2011-02-05 Alex Converse New
deinterlace only if input is interlaced 2011-02-05 New
[2/2] cmdutils: fix codec-specific options from preset 2011-02-05 James Zern New
[5/6] rtpenc_chain: Don't copy the time_base back to the caller 2011-02-04 Martin Storsjö New
[3/6] Add an APIchanges entry for avformat_free_context 2011-02-04 Martin Storsjö New
[1/6] libavformat: Use avcodec_copy_context for chained muxers 2011-02-04 Martin Storsjö New
VP8: slightly faster loopfilter sharpness logic 2011-02-04 Jason Garrett-Glaser New
=?utf-8?q?=5BPATCH=5D_swscale=3A_Return_swScale=5F?= =?utf-8?q?*=28=29_for_RUNTIME=5FCPUDETECT_depending_on_HAVE=5F*_fl?= =?utf-8?q?ags=2E?= 2011-02-03 Eric Appleman New
[6/6] movenchint: Use rtpenc_chain for setting up the chained RTP muxer 2011-02-03 Martin Storsjö New
[4/6] Use av_free_context for freeing muxers 2011-02-03 Martin Storsjö New
[3/6] libavformat: Add a function for freeing an AVFormatContext 2011-02-03 Martin Storsjö New
WIP AVX support 2011-02-03 Jason Garrett-Glaser New
Fix issue2359: ffmpeg -aspect 16:9 doesn't work 2011-02-02 Mike Scheutzow New
[2/2] Add sample_aspect_ratio fields to vsrc_buffer arguments. This fixes aspect handling in ffmpeg This is based on a patch by baptiste 2011-02-02 Mans Rullgard New
[1/2] Add sample_aspect_ratio to AVFilterLink 2011-02-02 Mans Rullgard New
swscale: fix build with --enable-runtime-cpudetect --disable-mmx/mmx2/amd3dnow 2011-02-02 Anssi Hannula New
Make the rtsp_st freeing conditional 2011-02-01 Luca Barbato New
[v4] SH4 mpegaudio decoder optimizations 2011-02-01 Guennadi Liakhovetski New
Implement av_samples_fill_arrays(). 2011-02-01 Stefano Sabatini New
Uniform mpegts init and uninit 2011-02-01 Luca Barbato New
Multipart RM support (work-in-progress). 2011-02-01 Ronald Bultje New
Clip-Wrapped MXF support (attempt #4) 2011-01-30 Maksym Veremeyenko New
Slightly simplify VP8 inter_predict 2011-01-30 Jason Garrett-Glaser New
Document that av_write_header set stream time_base to a value of it chosing. 2011-01-29 Reimar Döffinger New
Vorbis-in-Ogg: Do not set timebase to invalid values 2011-01-29 Reimar Döffinger New
lavf: inspect more frames when the time base is unreliable 2011-01-29 Anssi Hannula New
ogg: discard vorbis metadata from extradata 2011-01-28 Reimar Döffinger New
mov tkhd' width and height usage 2011-01-28 Maksym Veremeyenko New
flv muxer timestamp fix 2011-01-28 Benjamin Larsson New
Align overlaied video movie x/y and w/h sizes to chroma subsampling values. 2011-01-27 Stefano Sabatini New
Make ffmpeg.c use picture.pkt_pts in place of reordered_opaque, which is deprecated for this use. 2011-01-27 Stefano Sabatini New
SH4: optimization attempts 2011-01-27 Guennadi Liakhovetski New
VP8/PPC: don't overread edges on fourtap MC. 2011-01-26 Ronald Bultje New
[06/11] Reduce interface exported by acelp_filters.c 2011-01-25 Diego Elio Pettenò New
ffplay changes for lavfi audio 2011-01-22 Stefano Sabatini New
[2/4] aacenc: add recognized profiles array 2011-01-21 Anssi Hannula New
[v2] mmx implementation of vc-1 inverse transformations 2011-01-21 Yuriy Kaminskiy New
mov tkhd' width and height usage 2011-01-17 Maksym Veremeyenko New
fix memleak in ogg demuxer 2010-12-11 Reimar Döffinger New
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