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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
aacdec: Fix calls to avpriv_report_missing_feature(). 2013-10-26 Alex Converse New
aacdec: Use avpriv_report_missing_feature() instead of custom logging. 2013-10-23 Alex Converse New
aac: Handle HE-AACv2 when sniffing a channel order. 2012-04-21 Alex Converse New
aacdec: Fix an off-by-one overwrite when switching to LTP profile from MAIN . 2012-12-13 Alex Converse New
avfilter: Log an error if avfilter fails to configure a link. 2012-06-12 Alex Converse New
avformat: Factorize codec probing. 2012-06-05 Alex Converse New
matroskadec: Pad AAC extradata. 2012-01-26 Alex Converse New
options_table: Add some missing #includes to fix "make checkheaders". 2012-05-10 Alex Converse New
aacdec: More robust output configuration. 2012-04-17 Alex Converse New
faac: Add .channel_layouts 2012-04-17 Alex Converse New
motionpixels: Clip YUV values after applying a gradient. 2012-05-03 Alex Converse New
lavf/utils: Drop old hack for implicit HE-AAC signaling. 2011-09-30 Alex Converse New
ffmpeg: Remove dead store. 2011-08-30 Alex Converse New
ffmpeg: use av_clip_int16 for audio clipping 2011-08-30 Alex Converse New
ffmpeg: Replace goto redo on decode fail with continue. 2011-08-30 Alex Converse New
ffmpeg: Fix spelling errors. 2011-08-30 Alex Converse New
cook: Make constants passed to AV_BE2NE32C() unsigned to avoid signed overflow. 2012-04-18 Alex Converse New
ffmpeg: Separate initialization from the main transcode loop. 2011-08-30 Alex Converse New
aacdec: Add support for LD (Low Delay) AAC 2013-09-19 Alex Converse New
celp filters: Do not read earlier than the start of the 'out' vector. 2012-05-05 Alex Converse New
movenc: Add channel layouts for PCM. 2012-06-28 Alex Converse New
avprobe: Identify codec probe failures rather than calling them unsupported codecs. 2012-06-05 Alex Converse New
qdm2: Check data block size for bytes to bits overflow. 2012-01-26 Alex Converse New
tiffenc: Simplify pixel format setup using AVPixFmtDescriptor. 2012-10-02 Alex Converse New
tiffenc: Check av_malloc() results. 2012-10-02 Alex Converse New
ffmpeg: Don't unnecessarily convert ipts to a double. 2011-08-30 Alex Converse New
tiffdec: Add support for GRAY16LE. 2012-09-20 Alex Converse New
ffmpeg: Factorize combining auto vsync with format. 2011-08-30 Alex Converse New
tiffenc: Add support for little endian RGB48 and GRAY16 2012-09-20 Alex Converse New
ffmpeg: Set error code before before jumping to fail. 2011-08-30 Alex Converse New
doc: Replace a stray reference to the old '-intra' flag. 2012-05-10 Alex Converse New
aacdec: Turn PS off when switching to stereo and turn it to implicit when switching to mono . 2012-06-05 Alex Converse New
fate: Add a downsampled SBR testvector 2014-01-05 Alex Converse New
movenc: Write chan atom for all audio tracks in mov mode movies. 2012-06-04 Alex Converse New
aacdec: Don' t fall back to the old output configuration when no old configuration is present . 2012-08-09 Alex Converse New
fate: Add a test vector for AAC ELD with TNS. 2014-01-05 Alex Converse New
aac: Fix low delay windowing. 2014-01-05 Alex Converse New
aac: Fix TNS decoding for the 512 sample window family. 2014-01-05 Alex Converse New
fate: Update AAC ELD 5.1 ref for recent bugfixes. 2014-01-05 Alex Converse New
avformat: Probe codecs at score 0 on buffer exhaustion conditions. 2012-06-05 Alex Converse New
fate: Change the probe-format refs to match the final text format committed . 2012-05-08 Alex Converse New
fate: Add avprobe as a make dependency 2012-05-08 Alex Converse New
aac: Add support for Enhanced AAC Low Delay (ER AAC ELD). 2013-10-23 Alex Converse New
fate: aac: Add test for AAC-ELD 2013-10-26 Alex Converse New
lavfi: Add the af_channelmap audio channel mapping filter. 2012-06-24 Alex Converse New
mpegts: Remove disabled extension matching probe. 2012-06-07 Alex Converse New
movenc: Support high sample rates in isomedia formats by setting the sample rate field in stsd to 0 . 2012-04-21 Alex Converse New
ffserver: allow choosing the pixel format 2013-09-14 Alexey Balekhov New
qtrle.c: Fix for ticket #226. 2011-12-07 Alexis Ballier New
codec_desc: fix typo in rv20 long_name. 2013-07-09 Alexis Ballier New
Apply again [916352f282855e3e4e86a39df9452fead2aa0771] that got lost in the merges. 2012-11-01 Alexis Ballier New
Restore installation of libavutil/lzo. h after 2a91ada8282f18d2807abee5188225bba1b19bda 2012-10-25 Alexis Ballier New
libavformat/version.h: Drop FF_API_OLD_AVIO ( unused and undefined since libavformat 55) 2013-08-13 Alexis Ballier New
Remove FF_API_PKT_DUMP cruft. Not compiled since libavformat 54. 2013-08-13 Alexis Ballier New
ra144enc: set supported channel layouts. 2013-07-15 Alexis Ballier New
mastroka audio muxer: Set long_name to Matroska Audio so that it differs from the long_name of matroska video. 2013-07-16 Alexis Ballier New
Fix build with --enable-ladspa --disable-frei0r. 2014-05-20 Alexis Ballier New
configure: do not quote arguments passed to filter{, _out} in check_ld. 2012-10-17 Alexis Ballier New
Fix tests without fate samples. 2012-05-26 Alexis Ballier New
configure: icl: Merge -Qdiag-error parameters 2013-06-01 Alex Smith New
msvc/icl: Intel Compiler support on Windows 2013-05-25 Alex Smith New
configure: Separate commonalities in msvc and icl flags 2013-06-01 Alex Smith New
configure: Enable -Qansi-alias for icl 14+ 2013-09-24 Alex Smith New
ffhash: Change size to an int 2013-09-24 Alex Smith New
configure: Do not explicitly set Oy for msvc/icl 2013-06-25 Alex Smith New
tools: Fix apparent merge failure 2013-09-21 Alex Smith New
lavu/attributes: Don't define av_restrict 2013-09-21 Alex Smith New
configure: More msvc/icl combining 2013-06-23 Alex Smith New
configure: Do not omit frame pointers for msvc/icl debug builds 2013-06-25 Alex Smith New
Enable parser in FLV demuxer for H264 codec 2013-12-15 Alex Sukhanov New
libavformat/mov: Elimitate double reading of COVR metadata if MOV_EXPORT_ALL_METADATA is enabled 2014-05-15 Alex Sukhanov New
af_aresample: Fix timestamp of first padded PCM audio packet 2013-11-15 Alex Sukhanov New
avcodec/aac_adtstoasc_bsf: Fix memory leak 2014-02-03 Alex Sukhanov New
avformat/matroskadec: Fix start_time 2013-12-24 Alex Sukhanov New
yuv pixel formats support in openjpeg decoder + 10bit support 2011-11-24 Alex Zhukov New
libavutil: cast truncated values to uint32_t 2013-08-27 Alfred E. Heggestad New
matroska: fixed missing S_DVBSUB subtitles 2013-02-01 Allan Kristensen New
avformat/mpegtsenc: fix minor typo in omit_video_pes_length description 2014-05-11 Aman Gupta New
avcodec/mationpixels: free memory after malloc failures 2013-09-14 ami_stuff New
avcodec/bfi: check for malloc failure 2013-09-14 ami_stuff New
mov: set block_align for MACE 3:1 and MACE 6:1 2013-05-18 ami_stuff New
mjpegenc: add a limit for maximum supported resolution 2012-05-31 ami_stuff New
mjpegdec: Add support for 4:1:1 YUV 2013-04-22 ami_stuff New
mjpegdec: Fix field orderforinterlacedAVDJand AVRN in ntsc mode 2013-05-19 ami_stuff New
libspeex: support ZygoAudio (quality 10 mode) 2013-03-23 ami_stuff New
gifenc: support resolutions up to 65535x65535 2012-05-31 ami_stuff New
aasc: support "Autodesk 24 bit RLE compressor" (FourCC: aas4) 2012-05-16 ami_stuff New
aasc: fix 16bpp on big-endian 2013-01-28 ami_stuff New
loco: fix rgba on big-endian 2013-01-30 ami_stuff New
vble: Do not abort decoding when version is not 1 2012-11-28 ami_stuff New
iff: mention all decoders 2012-11-29 ami_stuff New
c93: signal EOF 2012-11-24 ami_stuff New
yop: set video bit rate 2012-12-21 ami_stuff New
rmdec: set bit rate for ra3 2012-12-23 ami_stuff New
bfi: set duration 2012-12-16 ami_stuff New
mpegvideo_enc/rv20: width and height must be multiple of 4 2012-12-15 ami_stuff New
aiffenc: set correct number of bits foru8 in aiff 2012-12-20 ami_stuff New
aiffdec: set block duration for QDM2 2013-01-01 ami_stuff New
tiff: support zlib with invertedFillOrder 2012-12-09 ami_stuff New
mjpegdec: support more pix_fmt_ids for grayscale 2012-12-08 ami_stuff New