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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
mpegvideo: unref cur/next/prev frames when flushing 2013-04-24 Hendrik Leppkes New
dxva2_vc1: set bfraction in slice info according to spec 2014-01-01 Hendrik Leppkes New
mpegvideo: allocate hwaccel privdata after the frame buffer 2013-03-20 Hendrik Leppkes New
dxva2_vc1: set PQUANT as described by the 2010 spec update 2014-01-01 Hendrik Leppkes New
lavf/mxfdec: validate month/day before date formatting 2013-04-13 Hendrik Leppkes New
h264: don't initialize missing pictures when using a hwaccel 2013-02-16 Hendrik Leppkes New
lavfi/moviesrc: use refcounted frames 2013-03-12 Hendrik Leppkes New
lavfi/kerndeint: use av_pix_fmt_desc_get instead of directly accessing the table 2013-02-15 Hendrik Leppkes New
lavf/mxf: fix parsing of the month from mxf timestamps 2013-04-13 Hendrik Leppkes New
avresample: use valid log context in mixing functions 2012-12-17 Hendrik Leppkes New
avutil/os_support: use 64-bit fstat/lseek variants for MSVC as well 2013-03-12 Hendrik Leppkes New
vf_pp: add postproc to the library dependencys for avfilter when enabled. 2012-12-25 Hendrik Leppkes New
vorbis: unref the skipped first frame. 2013-03-12 Hendrik Leppkes New
smvjpeg: use refcounted frames to avoid mem leaks 2013-06-22 Hendrik Leppkes New
lavu/frame: free frame metadata when unrefing a frame. 2013-03-13 Hendrik Leppkes New
avutil/frame: add all remaining frame properties to av_frame_copy_props 2013-03-23 Hendrik Leppkes New
pthread: unref already decoded frames when flushing the decoder 2013-03-20 Hendrik Leppkes New
lavfi/avcodec: deprecate remainders of the avcodec glue code 2013-03-16 Hendrik Leppkes New
avcodec: remove AVCodecContext->metadata 2013-03-13 Hendrik Leppkes New
mpegvideo: fix allocation of the hwaccel_picture_private data 2013-03-20 Hendrik Leppkes New
lavfi: let gcc realign the stack on public graph driving functions 2013-03-16 Hendrik Leppkes New
lavfi/avcodec: cleanup includes 2013-03-13 Hendrik Leppkes New
tiff: fix handling of metadata with refcounted frames 2013-03-13 Hendrik Leppkes New
dsputil: unbreak compilation on sparc after 6802c70 2013-03-14 Hendrik Leppkes New
avformat/aviobuf/ffio_init_context: set seekable automatically 2013-07-23 Hendrik Schreiber New
x86inc: Remove .rodata kludges 2013-10-09 Henrik Gramner New
x86inc: Use VEX-encoded instructions in AVX functions 2013-10-14 Henrik Gramner New
x86inc: remove misaligned cpu flag 2013-10-08 Henrik Gramner New
x86inc: Use SSE instead of SSE2 for copying data 2013-10-08 Henrik Gramner New
x86inc: Set ELF hidden visibility for global constants 2013-10-08 Henrik Gramner New
x86inc: Utilize the shadow space on 64-bit Windows 2013-10-08 Henrik Gramner New
lavu/opencl: add opencl public error API 2013-05-05 highgod0401 New
lavu/opencl: fix the compile bug on linux 2013-05-03 highgod0401 New
lavu/opencl_internal: use av_opencl_errstr 2013-05-06 highgod0401 New
lavfi/unsharp_opencl: use av_opencl_errstr 2013-05-06 highgod0401 New
lavfi: modify names of deshake_kernel.h and unsharp_kernel.h 2013-05-10 highgod0401 New
avutil/opencl: check strtol for failure 2013-04-04 highgod0401 New
lavfi/deshake_opencl: use ff_opencl_set_parameter 2013-05-06 highgod0401 New
fix bug of finding CPU device 2013-04-05 highgod0401 New
opencl: add spec opencl device APIs 20130411 2013-04-11 highgod0401 New
avutil/opencl: replace assert by check and error message in av_opencl_init( ) 2013-04-04 highgod0401 New
avutil/opencl: add check for the program number to create kernel 2013-04-04 highgod0401 New
avutil/opencl: add opencl device list APIs 20130411 2013-04-11 highgod0401 New
cmdutils: add opencl command line options to ffmpeg 2013-04-11 highgod0401 New
lavu/opencl:add opencl set param function 2013-04-26 highgod0401 New
lavfi/unsharp: add opencl unsharp filter 2013-04-26 highgod0401 New
lavu/opencl: add check version and platform 2013-04-28 highgod0401 New
lavfi/unsharp: fix opencl crash on 64bit linux 2013-05-06 highgod0401 New
lavu/opencl: fix bug of opencl options 2013-05-02 highgod0401 New
avutil/opencl: merge opencl env to opencl context 2013-04-12 highgod0401 New
opencl wrapper based on comments on 20130401 2013-04-01 highgod0401 New
deshake opencl based on comments on 20130402 3rd 2013-04-02 highgod0401 New
lavu/opencl:optimize compile kernel operation 2013-04-22 highgod0401 New
avfilter/deshake_kernel: fix reset value bug of deshake kernel 2013-04-20 highgod0401 New
png: allow encoding 16-bit grayscale 2013-08-13 Ian Taylor New
decode_audio3: initialize AVFrame 2012-11-02 Ilkka Ollakka New
examples/muxing: use S16 sample_fmt for resample src regardless of codec sample_fmt 2013-12-21 Ilya Basin New
examples/muxing: fix av_frame_free() not called when got_packet is false 2013-12-21 Ilya Basin New
examples/muxing: fix memleaks in resampler 2013-12-21 Ilya Basin New
x11: Fix x11grab BadCursor 2012-10-23 Isaac Dooley New
Convert XvMC to hwaccel v3 2013-12-22 Ivan Kalvachev New
doc/encoders: add a note for x264 options that use colon 2012-11-25 Ivan Pozdeev New
wmalossless: Ensure that last frame is not written again if nothing was decoded in current packet . 2012-04-21 Jakub Stachowski New
WMAL: Shift output samples by the specified number of padding zeroes. 2012-05-05 Jakub Stachowski New
Clear residues only in not coded channel. This fixes overwriting coded residues with zeros if first channel is coded and second is not . 2012-04-14 Jakub Stachowski New
WMAL: do not output last frame again if nothing was decoded in current packet 2012-05-01 Jakub Stachowski New
wmalosslessdec: Reset residues to 0 if they were not decoded from bitstream . 2012-04-12 Jakub Stachowski New
Don't restrict reverse decorrelation to both coded channels. It is also used for mono data. 2012-05-02 Jakub Stachowski New
AST Muxer 2012-12-04 James Almer New
lavf/adtsenc: Add support for APE tags 2013-10-23 James Almer New
ast: Rename ast.c -> astdec.c 2012-12-04 James Almer New
webp: fix capitalization of the word Exif 2014-01-15 James Almer New
lavu/hash: Fix name of SHA224 2013-05-14 James Almer New
libvpxenc: token_parts is VP8 specific 2013-12-07 James Almer New
tools/ffhash: Use O_BINARY when available 2013-05-16 James Almer New
fate: add WebP Exif metadata test 2014-01-15 James Almer New
Rename ffadler to ffhash and expand it using the generic hash API 2013-05-16 James Almer New
lavf/mux: Don't write "encoder" metadata tag when bitexact is requested 2013-12-06 James Almer New
ADPCM DTK decoder 2013-05-11 James Almer New
x86/synth_filter: add synth_filter_sse 2014-03-01 James Almer New
ADP demuxer 2013-05-11 James Almer New
avresample: Include libavutil/avutil.h in version.h 2013-12-06 James Almer New
lavu/hash: Fix adler32 calculation 2013-05-15 James Almer New
vp9/x86: rename ff_avg[48]_sse to ff_avg[48]_mmxext 2014-01-18 James Almer New
RedSpark demuxer 2013-05-11 James Almer New
common.mak: fix the current fate failures with windres 2013-12-09 James Almer New
lavu/hash: Fix CRC32 calculation 2013-05-15 James Almer New
x86/cpu: check for OS support before enabling AVX2 2014-03-25 James Almer New
ADPCM IMA Radical decoder 2013-05-11 James Almer New
configure: Move MinGW64 specific check to the correct place 2013-12-09 James Almer New
RSD demuxer 2013-05-11 James Almer New
x86: add detection for Bit Manipulation Instruction sets 2014-02-22 James Almer New
adpcm_thp: Allow the use of extradata for the adpcm table 2013-05-11 James Almer New
common.mak: Less ugly version of the previous windres fix 2013-12-09 James Almer New
lavc/flacdec: Propagate and return meaningful error codes 2013-03-25 James Almer New
x86/float_dsp: add ff_vector_{fmul_add, fmac_scalar}_fma3 2014-03-13 James Almer New
configure: Use libiconv on systems that lack built-in iconv 2013-02-21 James Almer New
windres: Track dependencies 2013-12-07 James Almer New
Fix compilation with --disable-everything --enable-filter=deshake 2013-04-11 James Almer New
lavd/Makefile: Add fbdev_common.h to SKIPHEADERS 2014-03-06 James Almer New